All Human Life Is Here

All Human Life Is Here

A small open minded group and discuss how philosophy, history and hidden knowledge relates to the current world

If the prospect of an afternoon talking about Philosophy and History sounds scary, think again! Sonia has been part of the History and Philosophy group for some time and she loves it. As she says,

‘I think sometimes people re a little bit frightened of history and philosophy, but the sessions couldn’t be more interesting. I’ve learned so much from it that I’ve got much better at talking and expressing myself when I’m out and about. We talk about all aspects of things, and sometimes we watch a movie.’

The group is led by George Wood. They meet every Monday from 2-4 and there are definitely No Entry Requirements. At present they are meeting each week at the Youth Club Hall, but later in October they will be moving back to Darwin House, once the lounge refurbishment is finished. All sessions are free.

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