Small Bar @ £20.00 per hour, with extra charge for bar staff: A manned bar available for weekday and weekend hire. The space just outside the Small Bar makes it suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, Christenings or any small/medium sized function. Please note that 18th or 21st birthday parties held in the Small Bar only will need to have at least two appropriate adults in attendance and you will need permission first from the Club Secretary if you wish to hold this type of party.

Note: if you use the Small Bar in conjunction with the Main Hall for a large gathering, 2 staff will be on duty. If you use the Small Bar only with less than 30 people, 1 staff will be required.

Meeting Room @ £20.00 per hour: Perfect for holding small group activities or for meetings and training sessions. The room contains a meeting table with enough seating for 10 people and is located on the first floor. There is also space for extra seating and standing room.

Garden Room @ £30.00 per hour: The second largest room with a balcony (conditions apply on use of balcony, please speak to Club Secretary). This room is ideal for christenings, baby showers and parties but also ideal for large meetings and even small fitness classes. A very versatile room that can be used for a variety of purposes. Please note this room does not have bar facilities and is located on the first floor.

Note: If you use this room for a large gathering and you wish to use the Main Bar, an extra staff will be rostered to work at a cost of £15.00 per hour if there are over 30 guests.

Main Hall @ £40.00 per hour: Perfect for holding large parties, weddings and all types of events including theatre productions. The Hall contains tables, chairs, disco lighting and has a capacity for 150 people. Due to its large size, the hall is very versatile and can accommodate a large variety of activities. The Main Bar or Small Bar are available to hire with an additional cost. Please note that a standard booking does not permit use of the stage area without permission from the Club Secretary.

Note: If you use the Main Hall in conjunction with the Main Bar an additional staff will be required at a cost of £15.00 per hour. If you require the Small Bar in conjunction with the Main Hall, 2 staff will be required at a cost of £20.00 per hour.

You are NOT PERMITTED to bring any alcohol into either the Garden Room or Main Hall. If alcohol is found in either venue, the function will be stopped immediately.

Kitchen @ £30.00: The Main Hall kitchen facilities include microwave, cooker, fridge freezer and basic cooking equipment. You will need to bring your own equipment including crockery and cutlery for larger parties.

Bookings do not guarantee sole use – users are asked to cooperate with others. If the kitchen is needed only for preparing teas and coffees it need not be booked separately but the requirement should be flagged in the hall booking.